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Watson v. Kraft Foods, IAB Hearing No. 130578 (June 20, 2008)

This matter involved Claimant's allegation that he suffered an industrial injury due to an identifiable work accident and/or developed a cumulative detrimental effect injury to his low back while working for Kraft. Claimant filed a petition seeking payment of total disability benefits and medical expenses. Kraft argued that Claimant was not injured at work. The Board accepted the opinion of Dr. Piccioni, Kraft's medical expert, over the opinions of Drs. Milligan and Lieberman, Claimant's medical experts. Dr. Piccioni stated that there was no isolated event causing Claimant's back condition according to his histories. Dr. Piccioni explained that he would have expected a gradual onset while performing work activities that gradually worsened if Claimant suffered from cumulative effect injury. The Board noted that Drs. Milligan and Lieberan did not indicate in their records that Claimant's injuries were related to work nor did they submit payment for medical bills to the workers' compensation insurance carrier.

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