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Elmer Godwin v. MCI Services, Inc., IAB Hearing No. 1143655 (September 26, 2011)

The claimant had an acknowledged work injury to his left knee, which progressed into CRPS or RSD of the left lower extremity. He previously received benefits for a 35% permanency to the left lower extremity. Claimant subsequently filed a Petition to Determine Additional Compensation Due seeking benefits for a 27.5% permanent impairment to the urinary system, 25% permanent impairment to his sexual system, and a 25% permanent impairment to his rectal system, as rated by Dr. Jeffrey Meyers. Claimant testified that he experiences pain into his legs with urination, sexual activity and bowel movements. In rating permanent impairment, Dr. Meyers likened claimant's subjective pain complaints during those activities to sensory abnormalities. However, the Board accepted the opinion of the defense medical doctor, Dr. John Townsend, that claimant has no mechanical abnormality or functional problems with any of the systems that would warrant a rating above and beyond the 35% permanency to the left lower extremity, for which he was already compensated. Therefore, the Board held that claimant had not met his burden of demonstrating any permanent impairment to the claimed systems.

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