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Murrey v. Shank, et. al., C.A. No. 07C-08-137 CLS (April 12, 2011).

Superior Court granted Defendant's Motion in Limine to exclude references to a 55mph speed limit at trial. Accident occurred when Defendant allegedly made a left turn in the path of Plaintiff's oncoming vehicle. Wilmington Police Officer investigated accident and, using vehicle skid marks, calculated that Plaintiff was traveling at approximately 45mph in a posted 25mph zone. Officer cited Plaintiff for driving at an unsafe speed in violation of 21 Del. C. § 4168(a) and Plaintiff pled guilty to the violation. Plaintiff intended to introduce evidence that the speed limit at the accident location may have been 55mph, not 25mph. In granting Defendant's motion to exclude such evidence, the Court found that the evidence was not relevant, as Plaintiff's guilty plea constituted a concession that 25mph was the correct speed limit at the location where the accident occurred.

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