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Tybout Redfearn & Pell has more than 40 years experience specializing in personal injury litigation, workers compensation, medical malpractice, products liability, municipal liability, civil rights, coverage disputes, and professional licensing claims.

Tybout, Redfearn & Pell attorneys also have experience handling business and commercial disputes including bankruptcy, employment, real estate disputes, contract claims, loan workouts and lender liability claims, construction disputes, trust actions and property claims.

Tybout, Redfearn & Pell attorneys practice in all Delaware federal and state courts. There are also two attorneys that are certified mediators that can mediate any dispute.

Tybout, Redfearn & Pell is a member of The Lawyers Committee of the National Center for State Courts, in which leaders of the nation's preeminent law firms have partnered with the National Center for State Courts and its collaborative work with state and federal Chief Justices, court administrators, and other judicial leaders, to improve the performance of the state courts for the benefit of their clients and the public.

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